About the Phen375 experience and side effects

Many of them know that obesity and overweight can give serious health issues. Hence, people out there want to maintain their body in a healthy way by losing excess weight through exercising or taking some supplements.
Such a popular weigh loss supplement is phen375 sold everywhere and got lot of appreciation from customer. Hence you will not find any problem in getting them from online. The creators claim better result within a period of two weeks. Customer reviews are also satisfactory with the result even if it is little expensive.

The supplement is more famous in the name of Phentermine. Medically its ingredients are used for suppressing appetite and lose weight easily when only low calorie diet and exercise did not work enough. But it is found that the drug can cause some kind of problem to heart.
Side effects
• As Phen375 results in burning fat but such supplements always cause some or other kind of side effect to the using person. But if you compare this product with other fat burners, it has got fewer side effects. But the supplement is not recommended to be used for longer period.

• Some of the possible side effects found are change in the consistency of motion and feel dizziness. But if you want to use it then it is recommended to use the pill only for a period of two or three months. And desired result is not received in this amount of time, take a break of one month and start another cycle of the pill.
• Phen375 ingredients include mild amount of Caffeine as well as Citrus Aurantium which usually all supplements have to boost thermogensis. The side effect of it is sleeping disorder in few people.
Hence, one should avoid this pill with cardiovascular disease.