capodanno: an unforgettable experience in Italy

If you are thinking to travel abroad for you capodanno, then you must visit Italy once for in your lifetime with your loved ones. Well, if you are thinking to travel on New Year’s Eve then nothing could be more best than that for you, the Italians will make your New Year the best one and will give you a vacation you can’t get over for a life time. Italy serves their visitors on New Year eve’s as a good fortune for the coming years.

Capodanno dancing and fireworks in Italy
Most towns in the Italy offers fireworks in the center square, Naples is known as one of the biggest and best displays around the globe. Many towns in the Italy also offers events like music, dancing, and concerts on the New Year’s Eve. New Year's Eve Milan capodanno milano), Rome, bologna, Naples, and Palermo puts on a huge and rock band concert which can be seen on televisions too.
Capodanno tradition in Italy
The guests who arrive on Capodanno are entertained with a game called as tombola, which is similar to bingo. New Year is celebrated with Italian sparkling wine, and the parties keep on continue until the sunrise. One of the most custom which is still been followed by Italians is throwing old things from window which symbolizes the readiness to accept a happy new year. Well, there is one more very old tradition in Italy which is still followed,people wear red under wear specially on new year’s eve to bring luck in the coming next year.

Italy serves as one of the best spots to spend your capodanno with your family friends or special someone. The old traditions, fireworks, events and extravagant artistic beauty of the place makes it more desirable place to celebrate the New Year 2018.