Check out the Castle TV show reviews

Castle TV show is one of the longest and most loved American crime series. With a gripping plot and romance, the show had successfully completed eight seasons. The IMDB rating of the show stands at 8.2/10, whereas rated it 8.9/10. That confirms the successfulness of the series. It’s good if you already have watched all the seasons. However, if you are one of those who doesn’t get much time to watch those shows at the right time, do not worry. Buy the DVD sets from American online retailers and watch the show at leisure.

A brief of the castle series
The show depicts the relationship between two lead protagonists, Kate Beckett and Richard Castle as they continue solving crimes. The show is a romantic thriller with more importance given to the later. Kate is a homicide detective on the show, whereas Richard a best-selling mystery author. Initially, they avoided each other and weren’t comfortable solving the cases together. However, eventually, with the course of time, they fell in love with each other. The castle series depicts their developed romantic relationship along with the crimes those happens to cross their path through the successful nine seasons.
Castle series is created by Andrew W. Marlowe and was first aired on ABC, 2009. Since then, the show came up with eight seasons and ended on 2016, may 16. There were reports about a ninth season coming up. However, the last installment got cancelled. Well, if you haven’t watched all those, it’s high time for you to buy the dvds.
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