Features best wood planer with its main types

A planer is something that is used to smooth out the surface of the wood. It removes layers of the wood to give them a smooth finish. Nowadays we find electric planers for best use. They smoothen edges, reduce thickness, flatten wooden surfaces and much more. The best wood planer may have good speed, simplicity in use and the good number of knifes.

Typical features of a planer:
• Dust collection system: Any best wood planer may have a dust collecting area. Shaping wood brings a lot of shavings and sawdust. They may come with a dust pot that keeps the area clean and dust free.
• Speed: The have variable speed levels. Some come with speed control switches. Variable speed settings make for the best wood planer.
• Depth stops: It can control depth as well. It allows you to choose the thickness you want for the wood.
• Knifes: The more the number of knifes it had the most ideal it is. It can also have the double edged knife that can be used by both sides.
• Accuracy: These provide accurate cutting of wood. A cutter head lock available on many machines decreases the risk of snipe. It runs parallel to the bed. It increases the quality of the planer.

Two main types of wooden planer:
• Stationary planer: it has a maximum with of 13 to 24 inches, and a height of 6 to 10 inches. They come in 1 to 10 horse power. This best wooden planer comes three to four knifes.
• Bench-top planer: It can fit a maximum width of timber from 12 to 15 inches. It has a height from 4 to 6 inches. It can provide depth up to one-third second on an inch to one-eighth of an inch. This tool ranges from 13 to 15 amps with two to three knives.
The above features make them the best wooden planer.
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