People are different- some know the value of blank merino wool beanies

Everyone is unique
Every person is different. There are people who have their own unique set of skills and unique set of interests and hobbies. We will meet all kinds and we will make many of them friends and ignore many of them. What it means is that we make many different friends who are all different from one another.

We will be friends with someone who loves to read while there might be someone who hates books, someone who is always watching a movie or someone who is always playing video games, we make friends who are lazy and can always be found on their couch while there might be others who are fitness freaks and are always on the move and always keep working out. It is not possible for us to meet people who are exactly alike and make friends who are exactly similar; even if we do somehow manage to find people like these and make a friend circle of exactly alike people it would usually be very boring. Imagine a world where every person behaves the same and has the same likes and dislikes; it would be a world which would get boring to live in very quickly. The beauty of people is that they are all different and everyone brings something new to our life. You are also one of these people that we talk about.

You might be the one with the blank merino wool beanies
You must also remember that you are one of these people and you also have certain personalities and certain likes and dislikes and you would want some of these to be different. It makes us feel good too that we are not exactly like everyone else and that there is at least something in us that makes us different from others. Maybe you are the one who knows that beanies always look cool and more so when they are the Blank Merino Wool Beanies.