Rivercove residencies: eligibility criteria for buying a flat here

If you want to buy rivercove residences ec, then you must meet the requirements and eligibility criteria to purchase these residents. There are many eligibility criteria to buy an EC, well to buy Ec homes you need to buy it from the developer itself, or you can book it from the official site of rivercove residencies Ec. We suggest our readers to learn all the eligibility conditions and criteria before they submit their applications to purchase the residents in Ec and find out whether you should resale or pay.

What are the eligibility criteria to buy Rivercove residencies ec:
If you are looking to purchase a resident in the rivercove residencies ec then you must meet the essential criteria and conditions to own the property.
Eligibility conditions:
You need to qualify to purchase the EC under the following things:
• Citizen ship: Before submitting your application for purchase, check whether you are a citizen of Singapore if you are not then you will be rejected to purchase any EC. The second important thing is at least you must have 1 applicant apart from the purchaser as a permanent resident or as a citizen of Singapore.
• Age limit: the purchaser must be at least 21 years old, below it cannot apply for the rivercove residencies ec.
• Income ceiling: the household income of a purchaser must not increase in the income ceiling that is up to $14,000.
• Ownership of property: you should not own a property which is overseas or even locally. Or not have disposed in within the period of 30 months.
A purchaser who is meeting all these criteria and is an eligible Singapore citizen can buy the rivercove residencies ec, and can list himself in the occupier application. Make the best use of the opportunity and experience something like never before.