What are the different types of theme pictoword?

Pictoword is a connecting with and testing word perplex application that can without much of a stretch progress toward becoming addicting for players of any age. The idea is straightforward, yet very engaging as players are furnished with two pictures that give clues to make single word. With an assortment of topics and levels to play this is one application that can possibly give hours of constant fun. Pictoword game has many different type of theme you can play any of them but you need to unlock them by coins to play. Here in this article you know about all different theme of pictoword game and if you can't solve any of level than check pictoword answers or pictoword cheats on internet you find them very easily.

Different types of theme of pictoword game
The different type of theme in pictoword are as follows.
Classic (Default): Classic is the first and basic theme of pictoword. The level of difficulty of Classic theme is easy it means you can clear all levels easily and this game is released on 1 March 2013.
Movie, TV shows: These are two different theme of pictoword game and both difficulty level is easy and both theme is released on same date that is 20 June 2013.
Brands, Games: Brands and Games are two different theme of pictoword but the difficulty level of “brands” is extremely hard but the difficulty level of “games” is easy. These both theme are released on same date 18 July 2013.
Characters: The difficulty level of character is hard and it is released on 13 August 2013.

Celebrities, Countries and cites, Historical figure, Landmarks: These are 4 different theme but all are released on same date 11 November 2013. The difficulty level of Historical figure is easy while others are hard to play.
Food, Animals: The difficulty level of both theme is hard but their released date are different. “Food” is released on 12 April 2015 and “Animals” is released on 24 November 2015.
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