Celebrities!!! Celebrities!!! Every where one can see their favourite celebrities through the electronic gadgets and in live also. Celebrities are not made by themselves they are made by people depending on their acts and deeds. Some may become celebrities by luck and some other by their talent and skill presentation different from their surroundings. For example one can have his or her favourite celebrity in movies as director, hero, heroine and others who contributed for the success of the film. James Cameron was one of the most famous directors and a big celebrity as a director who created wonders through his creations.

In the film side in order to select the best ones in different sector a special jury will be formed and prestigious Oscar award will be presented to them for giving the best. Celebrities are not confined to one industry and it has vast openings in different sectors. Sports, science, arts, medicine, education and likewise in many other industries we find many people as celebrities. One of the most famous celebrities in these days is Malala, the Pakistani activist who stood up for the education of the women and was shot by the Taliban group and confidence made her survives. She was the first younger one to receive the Noble Prize award for peace.
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